The newest solutions
used in our photocells.

Never seen in any other system all over the world!

The very first photocell

with built-in display showing results. No need for the external display device showing results.

30 meters

it is the width of the beam which allows to perform many interesting measurement tests . Time setting of the beam is less than 2 seconds!! No more problematic mirrors!!

Sound signalling

informs if the beam found in every photocell was cut.


40 hours

this is the time of photocell’s work on a single charge, this will allow to test even the 2000 players!

Mobile application

of the photocells connects with Android application and shows results on your mobile or tablet!

500 meters

range radio communications between photocells allows you to perform measurements in many sports in which the photocell must be far away from each other

Player’s identifying panel.

Designed specifically for TESTYOU system makes it easier to identify the player when performing the test.


Let the technology work for you.

The panel is identifying the player based on the special bracelet which every user of the system has. Thanks to that after finishing the test, results automatically are being put down on the profile of the player. The panel will collect presences, record them on the Internet platform and will fill in the diary.

You will never again have to copy results on paper sheets!!


Internet platform


Computer program

The platform is giving the access to results, statistics and rankings in any place in the world. Competitors and coaches can systematically watch their progress and compare themselves to other system participants. The calendar of the coach and the competitor, messenger, creator of new tests, daily newspaper of the presence, biometric data, department of statistics and a lot, a lot more!


Internet platform

It is performing the management functions of tests carried out on the court and of waiting room for results - before it connects with the Internet. After the connection with the network results will be automatically sent into the Internet storage. The program has a control panel of photocells and the identifying device which allows for the full diagnostic testing of devices.

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Begin the professional monitoring with high-speed tests starting today!

  • Kit of photocells connecting by bluetooth with the application in your mobile phone which shows the results
  • 2 photocells where one is MASTER communicating with phone
  • expandability the kit with the panel identifying the player
  • mobile application to download
  • 740 EUR
  • Details
  • Kit equiped with photocells, competitor’s identifying panel, computer program and the access to the internet platform
  • 2 photocells
  • Panel identifying the player
  • Computer program
  • Limitless access to the internet platform and all its functions
  • Expandability for the any quantity of photocells
  • 1050 EUR
  • Details
  • Photocells kit where one of the fotocells has a screen which display the results without any outside device.
  • 2 photocells (one of them has a built –in display showing the results)
  • Expandability for the any quantity of photocells
  • 750 EUR
  • Details

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