TestYou Gyro is an inertial device that allows you to perform eccentric training on every part of the body. The practitioner generates resistance only with the strength of his own muscles, which makes training does not depend on the force of gravity. Inertial exercises can be used for therapeutic purposes as well as for functional and sports training.


    Inertial training is a perfect complement to manual therapy and physical therapy.
    The main advantages of exercises using GYRO TestYou are regenerative processes:

    • Prevention of injuries
    • Induction of new stimuli for neuromuscular adaptation
    • Muscle protection against the accumulation of overloads
    • Activation of the muscle of osteopenia and sarcopenia
    • Improving the slip in the ties Increase in muscle fibers as well as the number and length of sarcomeres
    • Increase bone density
    • Can be used by any patient, regardless of age or physical condition


    The advantages of GYRO TestYou exercises in strength training are:

    • Increase muscle mass and strength in a short time
    • Ability to train with loads up to 150% of the maximum weight
    • Increased efficiency of the respiratory and circulatory systems
    • Increased mobility in the joints
    • Improvement of muscle strength without significant metabolic load
    • Improvement of explosive strength and sports result
    • The possibility of eccentric training, without the trainer’s belaying


    Training on TestYou Gyro inertial equipment is helpful in preventing injuries. It is possible thanks to:

    • Activation of neuromuscular connections
    • Activation of remodeling for tendon tissues – Increased flexibility
    • Increased collagen synthesis
    • Development of muscle tissue
    • Increased eccentric strength
    • Activation of muscle satellite cells
    • Increase bone density




    In the eccentric exercise the strength generated in the muscle is maximal, therefore the main effect of eccentric training is the increase in strength. Inertial training can improve the functionality of muscles – increase their strength, speed and dynamics of contractions. Training enriched with an eccentric phase causes more hypertrophy than traditional training.

    Man in the eccentric phase is stronger about 30-40% than in concentric. This means that if we are able to perform a squat of 100kg, then we should freely leave the weight of at least 130kg in a controlled way down. A strong eccentric muscle is less susceptible to injuries and has more potential to accumulate energy for a strong concentric phase.

    The inertial training at TestYou GYRO is progressive. The force that is used to “disperse” the device in the concentric phase is less than the force that returns to the practitioner – that is, work / strength in the eccentric phase. This prevents stretches, muscle tears and other possible injuries during movement.

    In addition, it should be noted that tendons are not steel ropes, but rather springs that affect the accumulation and release of energy. Eccentric training is a strong stimulus for increasing collagen synthesis and for tissue reconstruction in tendons. Adding exercises to the TestYou GYRO device helps prevent injuries.


    Eccentric training positively affects the strengthening of tendons. It is a strong stimulus to improve muscle mechanical functions and morphological and architectural adaptations of the muscular and tendonous units. Strong connective tissue (ligaments and tendons) increases resistance to injuries.

    Static stretching increases mobility temporarily and can be injured. Using eccentric training with load, muscles stretch and also improve their movement in the fascia, while increasing mobility in joints more effectively than in classical static stretching.

    In addition, inertial exercises improve the performance of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, without charging them at the same time.

    Eccentric exercises are effective in treating, among others, damage to tendons. Oxygen consumption in tendons or ligaments is 7.5 times smaller than in skeletal muscles. A low metabolic rate causes the tendon to heal after injury. Inner work requires less oxygen consumption than concentric work, which is why eccentric exercises can be ideally suited for the rehabilitation of tendinopathy.

    TestYou GYRO is a great tool for rehabilitation, because it strengthens the tendons, improves the range of mobility in the joint and positively affects the nervous system. Thanks to it, we are able to not only prevent injuries, but also to optimize the regeneration and rehabilitation of illnesses.

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